Full Body Massages

Aromatherapy Massage
Unwind yourself with a full body massage using rich aroma essential oils. The aroma oils relaxes the senses directly, gives you the experience of deep meditation along-with a healing touch.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1800*/-

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is a quite strong massage involving a lot of work on Muscles. It is a essential massage for people who do a lot of physical work & exercise. It removes tightness & soreness in the muscles & recharges you.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 2000*/-

Swedish Massage
This massage technique was developed in the12th century in Sweden. It is a bouquet of fine muscular manipulations stimulating the nervous system using kneading, tapping & picking movements & giving utmost relaxation
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1800*/-

Ayurveda Abhyangam
A unique experience being nurtured in this holy land since years and a must for all. This full body massage is done with medicated oil blends from Traditional Ayurveda texts. This massage helps to bring balance & harmony in the body.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1800*/-

Healing Stone Massage
Hot (lava / basalt) stones rich in magnesium have great heat retaining capacity. Our specially developed aroma oil blend applied with the hot stones will allow the heat to relieve pain in your deep muscles without affecting your sensitive skin.
Duration: 60 min Price: ` 2000*/-

Urban Nirvana Signature Massage
A specially designed signature massage with the best relaxing & rejuvenating strokes. It involves a series of body stretches & also includes strokes with oil on the body.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 2000*/-

Add On
Elevate your massage experience by adding scrub of your choice at ` 800*/-
Elevate your massage experience by adding scrub and wrap of your choice at ` 1600*/-
Only Steam will be chargeable at ` 400*/- for 20 min

Express Treatments

Thai Foot Massage
Experience the authentic Thai foot massage from Bangkok involving a series of stretches & massage strokes for tired feet.
Duration – 30/60 min | Price – ` 800*/ ` 1200*/-

Foot Reflexology
Massage technique stimulating the reflex points on the feet representing various organs in the body helping improve their physiological functions.
Duration – 30/60 min | Price – ` 800*/ ` 1200*/-

Head Massage
This Indian Head Massage which uses extremely relaxing strokes on the scalp to improve the blood circulation towards the hair roots to strengthen it.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 500*/-

Back-Shoulder-Neck Massage
A perfect answer for aching back, neck & shoulders. Squeezing, pressing & stretching movements releasing knots & aches in that part.
Duration – 40 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Body Treatments

Sandalwood Jasmine & Orange Body Scrub
It gently scrubs away dead skin cells, absorbs impurities and excess oils from your skin. This is an ideal combination for removal of tanned cells leaving a smooth and glowing body.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Sandalwood Jasmine & Orange Wrap
This body wrap has many skin benefits as it is high in vitamin c, and therefore instantly brightens skin and removes tanning to a great extent and makes it soft and supple. It also balances skin by removing excess oil form open and clogged pores.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Green Tea Scrub
Green Tea scrub when applied to the skin, it repairs the scar tissue and prevents wrinkles, blemishes and other impurities.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Green Tea Wrap
Green Tea wrap has an extremely high antioxidant content with anti-aging effects.
It promotes beautiful, healthy, vibrant skin. This body wrap can cleanse the body of toxins tone and improve the texture of skin.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Coconut & Honey Scrub
This scrub with pure coconut extracts is a great hydrating exfoliate. It is a soothing scrub which stimulates micro circulation and improves skin texture.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Coconut Honey Wrap
This luxurious wrap nourishes and moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin. A coconut honey body wrap is a great way to rejuvenate skin as it moistens and firms the skin.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 1200*/-


Express Facial
An express way to look fresh and glowing, this superbly light recipe creates an ideal environment for stressed skin and offers protection from UV rays, free radicals and dryness, leaving the skin fresh ,soft and hydrate. Pure lavender water and Ayurvedic herbs combines with zinc to create a revolutionary formula for fair more radiant skin.
Duration – 45 min | Price – ` 1200*/-

Skin Lightning Facial
Alpha Hydroxy Acid) AHA (from Lemon and Orange is excellent exfoliate and helps in skin brightening naturally. Jojoba nourishes and maintains skin elasticity
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1500*/-

Firming Facial
Active ingredients like Pomegranate and Ashwagandha extracts being photo protective and prevent collagen breakdown helping in anti-wrinkle activity. Jojoba oil nourishes and maintains elasticity of the skin making it look youthful.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1500*/-

Hydrating Facial
Dates with a bouquet of essential vitamins like A, B, C and K responsible for health, youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. MCT in Coconut oil helps in enhanced absorption of the vitamins giving deep hydration to the skin
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1500*/-

Rejuvenating Facial
Green tea being the principal ingredient loaded with potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds keeping the skin layers intact and strong to maintain its youthfulness and suppleness. Jojoba oil helps retaining the moisture in the skin.
Duration – 60 min | Price – ` 1500*/-

Back Polishes

Hydrating Back polish
The coconut honey back polish is a popular treatment that exfoliates, hydrates and imparts luster to your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 800*/-

Purifying Back Polish
This purifying back polish contains green tea extracts. It removes dead skin cells and it makes sparkle your skin.
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 800*/-

Skin lightening Back Polish
Sandalwood and Jasmine helps to protect the skin from blemishes caused by over exposure to sunlight thus lightens the skin tone
Duration – 30 min | Price – ` 800*/-

Manicure & Pedicure

Express Manicure & Pedicure
Cherish clean, soft and beautiful hands / feet within no time with our essential express treatment.
Duration: 45 mins
Price: ` 400/- & ` 450/-

Date & Coconut Milk Manicure/Pedicure
Dates are good for skin nourishment. Coconut helps to protect the skin from blemishes caused by over exposure to sunlight. This treatment will hydrate and nourish the skin.
Duration: 60 min
Price: ` 500/- & ` 600/-

Lemon Orange Manicure/ Pedicure
Rich source of Vitamin C as well as natural source of AHA. It gives very good peeling effect on skin. This helps to rejuvenate the skin, helps to reduce wrinkles and gives lightening effect to the skin after exposure to sunlight.
Duration: 60 min
Price: ` 500/- & ` 600/-

Green Tea Ashwangandha Firming Manicure/ Pedicure
Experience anti-oxidant properties of Green tea maintaining supple and healthy skin and Ashwagandha with its skin firming and rejuvenating properties.
Duration: 60 min
Price: ` 500/- & ` 600/-

Pomegranate Shatavari Rejuvenating Manicure/ Pedicure
Pomegranate is well-known for its rejuvenating qualities and in combination with Shatavari it makes the skin smooth, healthy and radiant.
Duration: 60 min
Price: ` 500/- & ` 600/-

Spa Packages

Unwind Classic
Buy any 4 full body massages at ` 6800!! (Except Signature massage)

Unwind Cluster
Buy any 5 full body massages at ` 8200!! (Except Signature massage)

Spa Loyalty Packages
Please contact the spa front desk for spa loyalty programs and Group deals and corporate deals

Spa timings are from 8 am to 8 pm.
Appointments: All appointments are made at the Spa Reception and will be subject to availability. All the treatments will require prior appointment confirmation, to avoid inconvenience. When you book your appointment that is over one hour of service time or more, you will be asked for your credit card number to hold your scheduled time. Walk-ins are always welcome.
Late Arrivals/ Cancellations: In the event that you are running late, we will endeavor to conduct your full treatment, however, please note that the treatment may need to be shortened if the therapist has another booking immediately afterwards. In this case the guest will still be required to make a full payment.

Cancellation Policy: Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to make any change to your appointment/treatment. We have reserved this time exclusively for your treatment, and need time to fill your spot with another appointment. We require a minimum of 3 hour cancellation notice prior to your scheduled time. No-show will be charged at 50% of the cost of services booked and will be charged during the hotel stay. The reservation of an appointment indicates that Urban Nirvana Spa has reserved the service time for you and therefore did not book any other guest during that period.
Dress code: We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing to the spa and leave your valuables, safe in the locker before coming to the spa.
Nudity: Your therapists will ensure total discretion at all the times and ensure optimum client comfort and provision of disposable linen cloth available for wear during the spa treatments.
Zen: Overcoming stress should be the first step towards improving your body. Use your time to relax. You are requested to refrain from smoking and not use mobile phones in the spa. if you have any questions or queries while using the spa facilities, all our staff will be pleased to guide you. Please do not hesitate to let us know. Allow our skilled and dedicated therapists to soothe and wrap the aches and pains of your life. You will be glad to spend the time at the Spa to balance your mind, body and spirit.

“To Book an appointment Call Ext .No. (Please insert the extension number for the Spa reception)
We remind you that you that you are in a professional spa. Please do not expect anything other than therapeutic Spa Services.

UNWC Profile

Urban Nirvana Wellness Corporation LLP, a Pune based company, has expertise in Operations and Management of Spas, primarily taking Operations Contracts of Hotel and Resort Spas.

Urban Nirvana strength lies in attention to areas like Great Spa Experience, Trained and sustained Manpower support, creating Brand Impact and ultimately making the Spa a Profit center.

With a strong dedicated team of Operations, Training, Business Analysis, UNWC provides complete Spa Operations solutions for the success of the Spa.

International Tie Ups across the world in Thailand, Australia, Europe makes access to the best in the industry in terms of personnel, products, equipments easier for us. Use of Internationally acclaimed spa products in the Spa.

With 27 projects under Operations in Premium hotels, resorts, clubs and cruises in India and overseas, UNWC is now one of the biggest Spa Operations and Management Companies in India.

We partner with you to make your spa an unforgettable experience, an amazing catalyst for the brand and a profit-center.